Friday, June 1, 2012

Legend of Korra- Bolin

So, recently I decided I wanted to draw the characters of the new show The Legend of Korra. I've been a huge fan of Avatar: the Last Airbender for a long time, and this show is pretty cool too. So, here's part 1 of my contribution to this show! I think it's really fun to draw fan art. It's a good way for my to just kind of relax and just draw stuff! It's also fun to twist things into your own style. Well, I hope you enjoy. 

Also, I didn't really do an Illustration Friday this week. The topic was faded. So, Bolin earthbended the rock so hard, it faded  into the distance. Boom. There ya go. I'm sorry, I'll do better next week!

Up next is Korra!


  1. Alyssa I love it! It makes me want to watch the show lol.

    Hey, as long as you take something and draw it just for yourself, then who cares about Illustration Friday! I'm excited to see Korra!